Site Highlight: Rochester Institute of Technology by Mookpolo Wait

My name is Mookpolo Wait. I go to school at Rochester Institute of Technology. I had the privilege to join IMPRESS during my freshman year in college. I will graduate from College of Engineering Technology in Mechanical Engineering Technology. My biggest take away from undergrad is to enjoy your time, make many friends, and challenge yourself to the highest level. The coolest and most fun experienced with IMPRESS was the solar eclipse. During the summer of 2017, I was able to look at the solar eclipse through telescope that IMPRESS provided, and it was the best thing I ever witnessed.

After college, I plan to get a job as a manufacturing engineer because I did two co-ops as a manufacturing engineer intern, and I really love what I was working with. What I learned from Access assembly was something I continue to use in my community. I often run the workshop and talk to many students about how to succeed in college. In the future, I would like to have my own business, give back to my community and fight against climate change. My advice for any undergrad is to work really hard, do things that out of your comfort zone, and be yourself.

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