Task Force Reports

The Access Network has relied on task forces comprised of multiple Access stakeholders to inform our strategies and important decisions. These task forces have created final reports to summarize their process and recommendations.

Assembly Feedback Task Force (2016)
After the first Access assembly, a group of attendees (across career stages) spent time reflecting on the conference and writing up recommendations to inform future assemblies.

Site Expansion Task Force (2019)
As the network considers expansion to more institutions, it was important to the Access community to reach out to new student groups mindfully and intentionally. A task force of student leaders and facilitated by COs discussed and submitted recommendations for future network expansion.

New Core Organizer Process Task Force (2020)
To support ongoing network growth, organizer turnover and “graduation,” the network needed to select new/additional Core Organizers (COs) to ensure that work was being distributed and that the network leadership also continued to include student leaders. A task force of student leaders and CO facilitators developed and wrote up recommendations for recruiting and selecting new COs.

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