The Sundial Project, ASU

Sundial is an organization that seeks to foster a diverse community of undergraduates, graduates, post-docs, and faculty with interest in the physical sciences. The community stands to support all members academically and holistically through several levels of engagement.

  • Its mission includes career development for its membership, both in academic, professional, and personal endeavors. Student retention is a priority.
  • Sundial seeks to provide an environment that both engages and excites!
  • All of its efforts are aimed at building a strong and supportive community for everyone involved. This includes active mentorship, departmental programs, and building links to inside and outside resources.

Everything we do seeks to forward these goals.



Assembly Fellow (2020): Athena Gerardo


Network Fellow (2020, 2021): Aishwarya Iyer (she/her/hers),

I’m a 5th-year Astrophysics Ph.D. Student. I have been a part of the Sundial Program for over 3 years now, and I’m so grateful to be a part of this community! My research involves studying the atmospheres of small, cool stars that have Earth-like planets orbiting them. Outside school, I enjoy ceramics and gardening. I look forward to building strong connections with all members of our mentoring community to learn more about different barriers that everyone has had to overcome. I’m super excited to be a part of the Access Network team this semester!



Past Fellows:

Searra Foote, Network Fellow 2020

Erika Felix, Assembly Fellow 2019

Antonia Pagnozzi, Network Fellow 2019

Luana Paredes, Assembly Fellow 2018

Arti Rao, Network Fellow 2018

Gabriella Huckabee, Assembly Fellow 2017

Dayanara Sandoval, Network Fellow 2017

Kali Johnson, Assembly Fellow 2016

Alex Brimhall, Network Fellow 2016