Polaris, OSU



Assembly Fellow (2019, 2020): Ryan Bailey-Crandell (he/him/his), baileycrandell@gmail.com

My name is Ryan Bailey-Crandell, I am currently a first-year graduate student in Physics at The Ohio State University. I am originally from Portland Oregon, and I did my undergrad at Oregon State University with a major in Physics. My research is in the optospintronics of 2D materials, and I am also very excited about point defects for quantum information applications. I became involved with Polaris after becoming a mentor in the program. Polaris allows me to help young students establish themselves professionally and grow in an invaluable way. In my free time, I enjoy staying active, meditation, and studying history.


Assembly Fellow, Network Fellow (2020): Lydon Bindal (he/him/his)

Lydon Bindal here; I’m a physics undergrad at *The* Ohio State University.  I’m also a high school dropout! I put on the hat of an autodidact and taught people math and science for the GED exam before swashbuckling my way into college. Because of my experiences, I have a bit of a vested interest in advocating for nontraditional students, as well as students with rocky backgrounds. I think some of the best flowers can grow from cracked pavement. Since I’m just an undergrad, I don’t have much research to report on, but I’ve done some math-based research with Kevin Ingles, who’s also on this page. I also love puppos and dogsters and fluffy animals in general

Network Fellow (2019, 2020): Kevin Ingles (he/him/his), ingles.27@osu.edu

My name is Kevin Ingles, I am studying high energy physics at The Ohio State University. I completed my undergrad at the University of South Alabama where I got my BS in mathematics and physics. I am currently studying the structure of exotic hadrons and fluid flow in quark gluon plasma. I am also interested in studying quantum field theories in curved spacetime. My goal is to become a professor and continue my research, as well as, mentor aspiring academics. I joined Polaris because mentoring is passion of mine. In my free time I like to read and spend time with my friends.



Past Fellows:

Whitney Powers, Assembly Fellow 2018

Juan Christopher Esparza, Network Fellow 2018

Mike Lopez, Network Fellow 2017


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