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Ryan Bailey-Crandell (he/him/his), baileycrandell@gmail.com (Assembly Fellow 2019, 2020)

My name is Ryan Bailey-Crandell, I am currently a first-year graduate student in Physics at The Ohio State University. I am originally from Portland Oregon, and I did my undergrad at Oregon State University with a major in Physics. My research is in the optospintronics of 2D materials, and I am also very excited about point defects for quantum information applications. I became involved with Polaris after becoming a mentor in the program. Polaris allows me to help young students establish themselves professionally and grow in an invaluable way. In my free time, I enjoy staying active, meditating, and studying history.


Natalia Porraz Barrera (Network Fellow 2021, 2022)

Lydon Bindal (Assembly Fellow 2020, Network Fellow 2020)

Juan Christopher Esparza (Network Fellow 2018)

Kevin Ingles (Network Fellow 2019, 2020)

Sean Litteral-Welch (Assembly Fellow 2022)

Mike Lopez (Network Fellow 2017)

Ness Mayker (Assembly Fellow 2021)

Whitney Powers (Assembly Fellow 2018)

Mary Rickel (she/her/hers), rickel.16@buckeyemail.osu.edu (Network Fellow 2021, 2022)

Mary Rickel and is an undergraduate Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics double major with a minor in Mathematics at The Ohio State University. Last year, she was a mentee in the Polaris Program. In her time as a Polaris Mentee, she gained valuable research skills and learned how to get more involved with diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. Along with becoming much more passionate about AGNs (Active Galactic Nuclei), she is very interested in continuing to work with Polaris, The Access Network, and the SciAccess Initiative Project. In her free time, she loves to read, write, exercise, and spend time with friends!


Bailee Wolfe (she/her/hers), wolfe.976@buckeyemail.osu.edu (Network Fellow 2021)



Ryan Bailey-Crandell
Kristin Casey
Noah Charles
Lauren Ennesser
Elizabeth Fuller
Humberto Gilmer
Emily Griffith
Kevin Ingles
Mike Lopez
Brennan McCullian
Whitney Powers
Charles Woodrum

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