The North Star Project, U Oregon

The North Star Project is a community of undergraduate students, graduate students, and physical science faculty at the University of Oregon.  North Star is committed to improving the undergraduate and graduate experience by cultivating an inclusive environment that supports excellence and diversity in the physical sciences.

The North Star Project was founded in 2016 by Physics Professor Benjamín J. Alemán.



Francis Duey (Network Fellow 2020, 2021)

Uriel Hernandez (Network Fellow 2022)

Rachael Klaiss (she/her/hers) (Assembly Fellow 2020, 2022; Network Fellow 2019)

Rachael is a 2nd year graduate student at UO and was a course instructor, mentor, and co-coordinator for the 2018 summer program and is the coordinator of the 2019 summer program. After taking pedagogy courses at the University of California, Berkeley during her undergraduate studies, she became interested in improving accessibility of research driven education for all students and retaining those students most at risk of leaving STEM fields, and The North Star Project aims to do exactly that! Her research interests merge the fields of 2D materials science and quantum optics, specifically investigating and creating sites of single photon emission in the material hexagonal-Boron Nitride.

Jordyn Mascareñas-Wells (Assembly Fellow 2018, 2019)

Suzanna Officer (Assembly Fellow 2021)

Noah Pettinari (he/him/his), (Network Fellow 2020)

My name is Noah Pettinari and I am a second year undergraduate studying Physics at the University of Oregon. Working with The North Star Project has allowed me to explore my passion of increasing the accessibility of STEM fields to students. My research is based in biophysics, specifically focused on the motion of bacteria in structured media.



Kara Zappitelli (Network Fellow 2017, 2018)








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