IMPRESS (Integrating Metacognitive Practice to Ensure Student Success) incorporates metacognition into the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) studies. IMPRESS reaches students through three programs: a summer experience for 20 incoming 1st-year students each year, engaging them in authentic scientific practice and reflections about learning, knowledge, self-assessment and identity, a 1st-year course “Metacognition in Science” in which 48 students apply metacognitive ideas and strategies to their concurrent STEM classwork, and a Learning Assistant program that positions students as classroom leaders helping other students master content. IMPRESS is designed to increase retention and performance, with deaf/hard-of-hearing and first-generation students a model for applications to the more general RIT population.



Ashley Adair (Network Fellow 2016)

Sydale John Ayi (Assembly Fellow 2022; Network Fellow 2020)

Mikayla Bulson (she/her/hers), (Assembly Fellow 2020, 2021; Network Fellow 2020)

Mikayla Bulson is a third-year undergraduate in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program at Rochester Institute of Technology. On-campus, she is involved with the Society of Women Engineers and No Voice Zone where she picked up some sign language. In her free time, she loves to play Animal Crossing, build things, and do paint by numbers. This past year, she worked with fellow classmates to create a metacognition club at our site called “Get Meta!”.  She is currently working on a new club called Get Meta!, which has been founded by students of the IMPRESS program to increase awareness of metacognition and further our knowledge of metacognitive practices in practical and fun ways, as well as to give opportunities to build leadership skills and connections within the deaf/hard-of-hearing, first-generation student and STEM communities. This is her second year working with Access and I’m so excited to be representing RIT and get more involved in the programs! She is open to email, so feel free to reach out to her about anything!

Sam Cammarata (Assembly Fellow 2017)

Lacey Dallum (Assembly Fellow 2019; Network Fellow 2019)

Merone Delnesa, (Network Fellow 2021)

Michaela Dinman (Assembly Fellow 2017; Network Fellow 2018)

Hunter Heineman (Network Fellow 2022)

Kylie Johnson (Network Fellow 2020)

Debbie Kamau (Assembly Fellow 2016, 2018; Network Fellow 2017)

Jazmin Berduo Morales (Assembly Fellow 2022)

McKenzie Watts (Assembly Fellow 2022)

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