CU-Prime, CU-Boulder


CU-Prime is a student-driven effort led by grad and undergrad students in the Physics Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. Our goal is to increase inclusion in Physics/STEM fields, especially among traditionally underrepresented groups, through mentorship and community building. We offer a mentorship program, a research talk series, and a one-semester introduction to research course.



Assembly Fellow: Simone Hyater-Adams (she/her/hers)

Simone A. Hyater-Adams, a Ph.D student in the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado Boulder, is a researcher in physics education. She graduated with a B.S. in Physics from Hampton University and spent a year and a half as an undergraduate researcher at NASA. With a passion for creating more opportunities for Black students, Simone uses her personal experiences to guide her interdisciplinary research on identity in physics to attract underrepresented populations into STEM. In addition to working on her dissertation research developing theory to conceptualize the connections of racial identity and physics identity, she develops and facilitates diversity workshops, and is involved in several student organizations at CU Boulder with goals to cultivate a more inclusive and equitable campus.

Network Fellow: Lucas Kolanz (he/him/his)

Lucas is currently a second-year Engineering Physics student at CU Boulder. I also do research in an optics lab here at CU. I heard about CU-Prime when I took the class they offered. After taking the class I realized that CU-Prime’s mission of equity and inclusion in Physics really resonated with me. So I joined, and ended up teaching the class the following year.



Past Fellows:

Katherine Rainey, Assembly Fellow 2017

Kerrie Dochen, Assembly Fellow 2016

Akiharo Yamaguchi, Network Fellow 2016