The Equity Constellation, UMD

The Equity Constellation is dedicated to making the physics and astronomy departments at the University of Maryland more humane places where everyone has an equal opportunity to learn and thrive. We will work and organize for a department inclusive of all genders, races, orientations, and abilities. We are committed to building a community in which students, faculty, and staff support each other in solidarity to encourage the growth and flourishing of students. Our efforts will be centered on empowering students to improve their own learning communities, participate in authentic science, and pursue their professional development.



Assembly Fellow (2020):  Kathleen Hamilton-Campos (she/her/hers),

Kathleen is an undergraduate at the University of Maryland College Park, pursuing dual degrees in Physics and Astronomy. She undertook research in dark matter while at Howard Community College, where she earned Associates Degrees in Physical Sciences and Mathematics; her project won an Honorable Mention at the American Astronomical Society 231st Meeting in the Chambliss Student Poster Awards. At College Park, Kathleen has served as a peer mentor, tutor, and research assistant. Her main research focus is galaxy evolution, and she is starting her second summer working as an intern at the Space Telescope Science Institute. Her project on tracing metals through space and time won second place in the theoretical physics category at the University of Maryland’s Virtual Physics Research Showcase in Spring 2020. Outside of research and classes, she is the Communications Officer of College Park’s Soceity of Physics Students, the Undergraduate Engagement Officer of College Park’s Women in Physics, and the Managing and Co-Communications Officer of Equity Constellation. When not on campus, she can be found baking, hiking with her husband, and spoiling their guinea pigs.

Assembly Fellow (2020): Mackenzie Carlson (she/her/hers)

Mackenzie Carlson is a junior at the University of Maryland, seeking a double degree in physics and astronomy. She was originally a cosmetology and art student before realizing her desire to understand the universe. Her future goals include a career in cosmology research and in her free time she enjoys oil painting, traveling, and reading.



Network Fellow (2020): Siobhan Light (she/her/hers),

My name is Siobhan Light (she/her/hers), and I’m a sophomore undergraduate at the University of Maryland, College Park working towards dual degrees in Astronomy and Geophysics and a minor in atmospheric science. I joined Equity Constellation at the end of my freshman year, and it is my first time serving as a network fellow. I’m excited to work in these organizations to actively work towards more inclusivity in STEM! In the future, I plan to pursue a career doing planetary science research with a focus on ocean worlds like Titan. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, watching Netflix, and raising various plants. If you would like to reach out to me about anything, my email is


Past Fellows

Sara Negussie, Network Fellow 2019

Alison Duck, Assembly Fellow 2017, 2018

Sarah Monk, Network Fellow 2017, 2018

Hanna Ruth, Assembly Fellow 2016

Matt Ernst, Network Fellow 2016