The Equity Constellation, UMD

UMD Equity Constellation is dedicated to making our physics and astronomy departments more humane places where everyone can learn and thrive. We will work and organize for a department inclusive of all genders, races, orientations, and abilities. We are committed to building a community in which students, faculty, and staff support each other in solidarity to encourage the growth and flourishing of students. Our efforts will be centered on empowering students to improve their own learning communities, participate in authentic science, and pursue their professional development.


Assembly Fellow: Alison Duck (she/her/hers)

Alison Duck is a junior studying physics and astronomy at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is the Member at Large for the Women in Physics group at Maryland and very active in their Astronomy Gentle-ladies Network. This is her second year serving as an Assembly Fellow for the Access Network. This summer she is interning at the National Central University in Taiwan to study variable stars with the GROWTH network.View Page



Network Fellow: Sarah Monk (she/her/hers)


Sarah is a Senior Undergraduate studying Physics at the University of Maryland. She is past President of the UMD Society of Physics Students and currently serves on the National Council. Sarah is active with other organizations including The American Nuclear Society (currently President) and Women in Physics. Sarah works closely with the department on outreach, including physics demonstration shows and helping organize conferences such as the Conference for Undergraduate Underrepresented Minorities in Physics. Sarah is committed to public outreach and inclusion in physics and will be pursuing a career in Science Policy, starting with an internship this coming summer in Congress.

Past Fellows

Hanna Ruth, Assembly Fellow 2016

Matt Ernst, Network Fellow 2016