The Equity Constellation, UMD

The Equity Constellation is dedicated to making the physics and astronomy departments at the University of Maryland more humane places where everyone has an equal opportunity to learn and thrive. We will work and organize for a department inclusive of all genders, races, orientations, and abilities. We are committed to building a community in which students, faculty, and staff support each other in solidarity to encourage the growth and flourishing of students. Our efforts will be centered on empowering students to improve their own learning communities, participate in authentic science, and pursue their professional development.



Assembly Fellow (2021):  Taylor Paul (she/her/hers),

Taylor has just graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with a Bachelor’s degree in astronomy and a minor in disability studies. During undergrad, she was the event coordinator for AstroTerps, an Astronomy Peer Mentor, an Astronomy tutor, and doing particle physics research with IceCube Neutrino Observatory. Post-graduation, she is doing a solar wind observational analysis internship with NASA over the summer and then, teaching high school physics at St. Timothy’s School. Eventually, she will attend graduate school and be an astronomy research scientist.



Network Fellow (2021): Morgan Craver (she/her/hers),

Morgan Craver is a senior at the University of Maryland studying Astronomy. Recently, she used UMD’s Observatory to analyze the planetary nebula NGC 7662 in infrared and green/blue filters for brightness and size comparisons. As well, she analyzed NASA’s exoplanet archive for specific demographics using Python coding, with a small focus on the Trappist-1 system. She would like to continue the path of exploring exoplanets in the future in graduate school and beyond.  She hopes that her work in the Access Network will help to bring equity and diversity to the STEM fields.


Past Fellows

Mackenzie Carlson, Assembly Fellow, 2020

Kathleen Hamilton-Campos, Assembly Fellow, 2020

Siobhan Light, Network Fellow, 2020

Sara Negussie, Network Fellow 2019

Alison Duck, Assembly Fellow 2017, 2018

Sarah Monk, Network Fellow 2017, 2018

Hanna Ruth, Assembly Fellow 2016

Matt Ernst, Network Fellow 2016