Chi Sci Scholars, CSU

The Chi Sci Scholars program at Chicago State University is funded by the National Science Foundation S-STEM Program.  The goal of our program is to increase the number of students pursuing Chemistry or Physics degrees and encourage more students to think of themselves as scientists.  Chemistry and Physics Majors who are accepted into the Program receive tuition support at CSU, engage in a summer program and retreat, participate in early research experiences, engage in a peer and faculty mentoring program, receive funding to support travel to attend conferences and present research, and explore graduate programs, teaching careers, and careers in scientific research. One notable achievement of this program has been its success at helping the scholars’ develop their own self-perceptions as scientists.  

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Assembly Fellow (2020): Gabrielle Jones-Hall (she/her/hers),

A chemistry major that minors in physics, transfers from Alcorn State as a student-athlete. Being a recipient to be on a financially supportive scholarship through the Chi-Sci Scholars program, I was able to set a foundation towards a STEM career. I’ve interned at Argonne National Laboratory: Strategic Security Sciences division, have done physics education research, currently work on a quantum mechanics project for Fermilab, and do research through ILSAMP pertaining to the functionality of aquaponic systems with a professor at my university. I’m an advocate for actual diversity and inclusion in STEM and aspire to be a role model that represents and is respected for all that I believe in and accomplish whatever the world deem impossible- nothing is impossible.

Network Fellow (2020): Joann “Jo” Roberts (she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/them/theirs),

I am an undergraduate Engineering Physics major. I will be participating in quantum research at Fermilab in summer of 2020. I will also be conducting particle physics research during the 2020/2021 academic year, in preparation to attend CERN in summer of 2021. I am most interested in studying astronomy/astrophysics and conducting related science education research at graduate level. I am a poet/MC, licensed pilot, and teaching artist so my mission involves utilizing Hip Hop Pedagogy to teach high school physics in urban, underrepresented areas. Through this work I’d also like to become a principal and flight instructor, doing all I can to increase diversity in STEM and aviation. In my free time I enjoy traveling, mountainous hiking in nature, writing/performing, playing guitar, and flying small planes.

Past Fellows:

LaTaysha James, Assembly Fellow 2019

Sharely Batista, Network Fellow 2019

Fidel Amezcua, Network Fellow 2018

Nicolette Sanders, Network Fellow 2017

Chris Mallares, Assembly Fellow 2016

Chietha Moore, Network Fellow 2016