Annual Assembly

The purpose of the Access Network Assembly is to gather all of the programs in our network together in a single location and facilitate productive collaborations. Assemblies will be hosted by one of the programs in Access and be attended by approximately 30 participants, including the Access Core Organizers, the Advisory Board, and up to three representatives from each member program.

The Assembly is a great opportunity for member programs to update each other on progress, share lessons learned, co­-develop materials and program models, support programs in overcoming local challenges, participate in professional development workshops led by experts external to the Access Network, and build relationships with people from across the country interested in promoting justice in science and math education.

The Assembly will only be valuable to the Access member programs to the extent that it reflects the needs, values, and aspirations of those programs. Thus, each Access member program will select one student representative to be a paid Assembly Fellow. These Fellows, along with the Assembly Core Organizers, will form Assembly planning team. The Assembly Core Organizers will be directly responsible for supporting the Assembly Fellows in going about their responsibilities.

First Annual Assembly (2016)

The first annual Access Network Assembly was a huge success! Members from different sites met at Arizona State University for a 3-day Assembly to share ideas and make connections.

Second Annual Assembly (2017)

The second Access Network Assembly was held in Rochester, NY at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Thanks, IMPRESS, for hosting us!

Third Annual Assembly (2018)

The third Access Network Assembly was held in Boulder, CO, hosted by CU-Prime. Thanks CU-Prime!

Fourth Annual Assembly (2019)

The fourth Access Network Assembly was held in Urbana–Champaign, IL, hosted by GPS! It was covered by the UIUC Physics Department here. Thanks, GPS!

Fifth Annual Assembly (2020)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fifth Access Network Assembly was held virtually. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!

Sixth Annual Assembly (2021)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the sixth Access Network Assembly was also held virtually. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!

Seventh Annual Assembly (2022)

The seventh Access Network Assembly will be held in Rochester, NY at the Rochester Institute of Technology!

Assembly Task Force

At the inaugural Assembly in 2016, a task force was created to synthesize feedback from that Assembly and make recommendations for the planning of the next Assembly and the roles Assembly Fellows will have in planning that. We will posting updates of our progress shortly on this website!

As part of the Network, your opinion on this matters! If you would like to check up on our work at any time, here is the link to our google drive folder, where we put meeting notes and relevant documents: Feel free to make comments by using the contact form below!

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