Access Network Annual Assembly

University of California, Berkeley June 28 – 30, 2024


Attendance Philosophy

The purpose of the Access Network Assembly is to gather all the programs in our network together in a single location and facilitate productive collaborations. Assemblies will be hosted by one of the programs within Access and will be attended by approximately 50 participants. These participants include the Access Core Organizers, who play a central role in maintaining the activities of the Network, and the Advisory Board, which provides strategic oversight and support. In addition to these groups, each member program is encouraged to send up to three representatives to ensure diverse and comprehensive representation.

Attendance at the Assembly is by invitation, which is extended through the Access Network communication channels. These invitations are sent out well in advance to allow programs ample time to select their representatives and make necessary arrangements. The invited site representatives typically include one Assembly Fellow, one Network Fellow, as well as one other other key member of the program who can contribute valuable insights and perspectives.

If you are interested in attending the Assembly and have not received an invitation, we encourage you to contact an Access representative at your site. They can provide you with the necessary information and assist with the nomination process to ensure your participation in this important event. The Assembly aims to foster a collaborative environment where all voices are heard, and every program has the opportunity to contribute to the collective growth and success of the Access Network.

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