Access Network Annual Assembly

University of California, Berkeley June 28 – 30, 2024

Norms and Guidelines

Norms are not required behaviors, but are behaviors we want to engage in when we interact with each other during the Assembly.

  • Be civil and respectful when you have disagreements.
  • Respect other’s decisions to participate, or not, in sessions. It’s ok to excuse yourself.
  • Allow undergraduates to speak first.
  • Build in pauses after questions to allow everyone time to think before responding.
  • Use consensus cards to aid in conversation and consensus-based decision making. They are used to make sure everyone has a voice in the conversations we have here at the Assembly. In the participant tab on Zoom, you can use these reactions:
    • 🟩 Green: Yes, I agree. Jazz Hands. Yes vote. I support you / what you said.
    • 🟨 Yellow: I have a question / comment. My vote is hesitant.
    • 🟥 Red: Wait! I disagree. Please get back on topic. That violates our norms.
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