Access Network Annual Assembly

University of California, Berkeley June 28 – 30, 2024

General Information

The purpose of the Access Network Assembly is to gather all of the programs in our network together in a single location and facilitate productive collaborations. Assemblies will be hosted by one of the programs in Access and be attended by approximately 50 participants, including the Access Core Organizers, the Advisory Board, and up to three representatives from each member program.

Value of the Assembly to Access Member Programs

The Access Annual Assembly is a great opportunity for member programs, providing a dynamic and impactful platform to reflect their needs, values, and aspirations. This gathering allows programs to update each other on progress, share lessons learned, co-develop materials and program models, and support one another in overcoming local challenges. Additionally, participants will engage in professional development workshops led by external experts and build meaningful relationships with peers nationwide who are dedicated to promoting justice in science and math education. Active and meaningful participation from all member programs is crucial to ensure that every discussion, decision, and activity at the Assembly resonates with the unique perspectives and objectives of each program, fostering a collaborative environment that drives collective growth and success.

Selection and Role of Assembly Fellows

To facilitate this, each Access member program will select one student representative to serve as a paid Assembly Fellow. These Assembly Fellows will play a vital role in the planning and execution of the Assembly. As representatives of their respective programs, they will bring forward the specific concerns, ideas, and goals of their communities, ensuring that these are adequately addressed and integrated into the Assembly’s agenda.

Formation of the Assembly Planning Team

The Assembly Fellows, in collaboration with the Assembly Core Organizers, will form the Assembly Planning Team. This team will be at the forefront of organizing and shaping the event, ensuring that it remains aligned with the collective vision of all member programs. The Assembly Planning Team will be responsible for setting the agenda, coordinating activities, and facilitating discussions that are relevant and beneficial to all attendees.

Support from the Assembly Core Organizers

The Assembly Core Organizers will provide direct and continuous support to the Assembly Fellows. This support will encompass guidance, resources, and any assistance required to help the Fellows effectively fulfill their responsibilities. The Core Organizers are committed to empowering the Assembly Fellows, enabling them to contribute effectively to the planning process and to make informed decisions that reflect the diverse needs of the Access member programs.

Assembly Task Force

At the inaugural Assembly in 2016, a task force was created to synthesize feedback from that Assembly and make recommendations for the planning of the next Assembly and the roles Assembly Fellows will have in planning that.

As part of the Network, your opinion on this matters! If you would like to check up on our work at any time, here is the link to our google drive folder, where we put meeting notes and relevant documents: Feel free to make comments by using the contact form below!

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