Access Network Annual Assembly

University of California, Berkeley June 28 – 30, 2024

The purpose of the Access Network Assembly is to gather all of the programs in our network together in a single location and facilitate productive collaborations. Assemblies will be hosted by one of the programs in Access and be attended by approximately 50 participants, including the Access Core Organizers, the Advisory Board, and up to three representatives from each member program. Learn More.


Registration for the 2024 Annual Access Network Assembly is now closed. To learn more about our attendance philosophy, click here.


The 2024 Access Assembly runs from Friday, June 28 through Sunday, June 30. Assembly activities typically begin at 9AM PT and end at 5:30 PM PT.

Please see here for a detailed schedule. (Schedule coming soon)

Materials and Resources

The Assembly Materials [link coming soon] folder contains all the essential documents for this year’s sessions, including slides, handouts, and other resources. See additional online resources here.

Norms and Guidelines

Norms are not required behaviors, but are behaviors we want to engage in when we interact with each other during the Assembly.

Consensus card definitions:

  • 🟩 Green: Yes, I agree. Jazz Hands. Yes vote. I support you / what you said.
  • 🟨 Yellow: I have a question / comment. My vote is hesitant.
  • 🟥 Red: Wait! I disagree. Please get back on topic. That violates our norms.

Code of Conduct

By registering for the Assembly, all attendees have indicated that they understand and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. Attendees are also expected to abide by the Covid-19 policy.

Ombuds Team and Feedback

The Ombuds Team assists Assembly attendees in processing concerns and conflict as they arise during the Assembly. Ombuds Team members listen, offer information, and help Assembly attendees examine options for resolving their concerns. They can facilitate various dispute resolution processes, such as information gathering, informal inquiries, informal mediation, and negotiation. The Ombuds teams consist of volunteers from the Assembly planning teams and the Access Network Core Organizers. If you would like to report an incident related to the Code of Conduct or need to discuss any other issues related to the Assembly, please contact a member of the Ombuds Team.


If you have any questions about the Assembly, please feel free to contact Joel Corbo (, 718-757-8844) [confirm] or [all Assembly COs here?].

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