Emergency Fund

The Access Emergency Fund is intended to support individuals who are currently or formerly associated with Access or an Access site, with affiliation defined by the individual site. It must be funded entirely by financial gifts from individuals; we are not allowed to use money from our grants for this purpose. These gifts can come from anyone. 

We documented the process, roles, and vision in detail here.

We’ve compiled a list of site-specific resources for the COVID Pandemic here.

The Emergency Fund has reached the end of the six cycles that were initially planned. We conducted a one-time round of the fund in April as well. Future plans are currently being discussed.

This public spreadsheet contains data about the six cycles of the fund.

We have compiled a report describing the Emergency Fund’s creation, implementation, context, and feedback.

The information previously available on this website is still accessible on the next page (click on the box labeled “2” immediately below). We are keeping it available for informational purposes.

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