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Journal Articles

“Student Conceptions of Expertise” 2016 IMPRESSExpertiseICLS2016

“Attending to experimental physics practices and lifelong learning skills in an introductory laboratory course”  2016 AttendingExperimental_AJP2016

“Learning to do diversity work: A model for continued education of program organizers” 2016  LearningDiversityWork

“Increasing STEM success: a near-peer mentoring program in the physical sciences” 2016 Sundial_IncreasingSTEMSuccess_IJSE2016

“How to IMPRESS: Coordinating a Large Video Data Set for a Collaborative Project” 2016 TPT-inpress Impress_How to IMPRESS_DePaulDiscoveries16

“Connecting Self-Efficacy and Nature of Science Shifts in Undergraduate Research Experiences” 2015 PERC15_Quan

“Attending to lifelong learning skills through guided reflection in a physics class” 2015 _AttendingLifelongLearning_AJP2015 Compass_

“Building Classroom and Organizational Structure Around Positive Cultural Values” 2013 BuildingClassroom_PERC2013 Compass_

“Learning About Non-Newtonian Fluids in a Student-Driven Classroom” 2013 LearningNonNewtonian_TPT2013 Compass

“Uncertainty analysis for a simple thermal expansion experiment” 2013 UncertaintyAnalysis_AJP2013



Popular Press

“RIT wins NSF award to build national alliance of STEM diversity programs”

“ASU students get ‘Early Start’ on their degrees” 2015

“Sundial Grows, Goes National” 2015 ASU Physics Newsletter 

“The Compass Project: Charting a new course in physics education” 2013_Charting a new course_PhysicsToday13 Compass_

A Physics Community” 2013 Response (a magazine produced by Seattle Pacific University)

The Compass Project: Steering Students towards Success,” 2010 Berkeley Science Review


National Reports Highlighting Access Network or Sites

Phys21: Preparing Physics Students for 21st-Century Careers 2016


Compass Project 2012 APS Award for Improving Undergraduate Physics Education

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