CU-Prime, CU-Boulder

CU-Prime is a student-led, diversity-focused, and community-oriented organization in the physics department. Our goal is to improve the culture of physics at CU Boulder through equity and inclusion, allyship, and education. We offer three programs for undergraduate students that include:

  • a semester-long academic class for first year students about what it looks like to do science.

  • bi-weekly research talks led by grad students that promote networking and awareness of research happening at CU.

  • a long term mentoring program that connects new physics students to graduate students and upper division undergraduate students.

Additionally, we host internal workshops to educate ourselves on issues of diversity and inclusion.



Assembly Fellow (2017, 2019): Katie Rainey (she/her/hers),

Katie is a graduate student in the physics department at CU Boulder. She does physics education research focusing on upper-division thermal physics. Prior to that work, her research focused on issues surrounding gender and race in STEM and how students’ identities shape their experience pursuing STEM degrees. Katie plans to teach high school physics and math after graduation.



Network Fellow (2018, 2019): Lucas Kolanz (he/him/his),

I have lived in Colorado all my life and went to the same school from kindergarten to senior year. I enrolled into the University of Colorado Engineering Physics program in Fall 2016 and expect to graduate Spring 2020. I have worked in two labs so far. First, an experimental optics lab that produced femtosecond optical frequency combs. Now I am in a computational AMO lab looking at how attosecond light pulses interact with atoms and molecules.


Past Fellows:

Simone Hyater-Adams, Assembly Fellow 2018

Jamie Principato, Assembly Fellow 2018

Kerrie Dochen, Assembly Fellow 2016

Akiharo Yamaguchi, Network Fellow 2016