CU-Prime, CU-Boulder


CU-Prime is a student-driven effort led by grad and undergrad students in the Physics Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. Our goal is to increase inclusion in Physics/STEM fields, especially among traditionally underrepresented groups, through mentorship and community building. We offer a mentorship program, a research talk series, and a one-semester introduction to research course.



13924816_3696283735110_1509020558067862672_nAbout Kerrie Dochen:

I am an undergraduate student at CU Boulder working in a high energy physics lab studying neutrinos. I am helping assemble a large electromagnet (called a horn) for the T2K experiment, and I am developing solid state ionization detectors for the DUNE experiment. I am also actively involved in multiple community building and social change organizations within the CU physics department. I am an organizer for the CUPrime group, and I was one of the Assembly Fellows for the Access Network in 2016. I hope to continue helping the Network grow into an effective resource for groups pursuing cultural change in their local physics communities.


pollardAbout Ben Pollard:

I am a graduate student in the Physics Department pursuing a PhD in experimental nano-optics. I measure a variety of soft-matter and molecular materials to understand how they work on their intrinsic length, time, and energy scales. To do that, I also mess around with ultrafast infrared lasers and atomic force microscopes. I am one of the founding organizers of CU-Prime, and participate in the Access Network as a site leader. I am excited to be part of Access as it grows and evolves!


About Katherine Rainey:

I am a graduate student pursuing my PhD in physics. I began my graduate career doing physics education research, focusing on the impacts of gender and race on student experiences in STEM. I now do biophysics research; we’re trying to understand the nuclear pore complex to study the structure and dynamics of proteins within living cells. I taught the CU-Prime course, Fundamentals of Scientific Inquiry, and help with logistics and organization of the CU-Prime Talk Series. I’ve enjoyed meeting leaders from other Access sites and love that we are able to share ideas and materials through the network!