The Compass Project, UC Berkeley


The Compass Project is a self-formed group of graduate and undergraduate students in the physical sciences at UC Berkeley. Our goals are to improve undergraduate physics education, provide our participants with opportunities for professional development, and increase retention of students, especially those from populations typically underrepresented in the physical sciences. Compass fosters a diverse, collaborative student community by providing a wide range of services, including a summer program, fall and spring semester courses, mentoring, a research lecture series, transfer student programs, and other academic and social support. Our efforts have been recognized by the American Physical Society, who presented Compass with the 2012 Award for Improving Undergraduate Physics Education.



Assembly Fellow (2016, 2017, 2019): Edgar Ibarra (he/him/his, they/them/theirs)

Recent graduate in physics from UC Berkeley. Interested in developing physics education materials (worksheets/curricula/experimental demonstrations/etc.) to help improve undergraduate physics pedagogy. At the moment, working independently to market myself to relevant employment fields.



Network Fellow (2018, 2019): Donez Horton-Bailey (he/him/his),

My name is Donez Horton-Bailey, and I am a second year PhD student in Physics at UC Berkeley. I went to UC Santa Cruz for bachelor’s degrees in Applied Physics and Linguistics. During my time there and for three years after graduation I worked for the Academic Excellence (ACE) Program, whose mission is to increase the diversity of students graduating with bachelor’s degrees in STEM. After my time with the ACE Program, I started graduate school at UC Berkeley to study experimental condensed matter and materials physics. Working with the Berkeley Compass Project and the Access Network has given me the opportunity to work making higher education accessible to all alongside pursuing my doctorate degree. In my free time I enjoy studying foreign languages as well as playing bassoon in various music ensembles.


Past Fellows:

Vanessa Hernandez-Cruz, Assembly Fellow, 2018

John Van Patten, Network Fellow, 2017

Andreana Rosnik, Network Fellow, 2016